Demande de temps de faisceau

Demande de temps de faisceau


Applicants should be aware that the call for proposals is open during the entire year but that selection will be closed for each semester :

- on June 22nd 23:59 (Paris hour) for September to December 2018

- on October 15th 23:59 (Paris hour) for January to June 2019

Application received past these dates will be considered for the next semester.


Warning : This website is obsolete and application forms should be deposited at the following website :


For further information please contact the AGLAE staff : or


Beware : Proposal form should be filled in one go since there is no backup for uncompleted proposal. Be careful to have all of the needed data ready before filling the form, especially a project description (Background, aim, expected results).

(max 15 characters)
Group Leader
(All correspondance concerning this proposal will be sent to the Group Leader)
(If other specify)
(If other specify)
(Chemist, Curator,...)
Total requested beamtime
Specify the requested beamtime, number of days and preferred periods. Application must be sent before February 15th for Beamtime between July and December on the same year and before September 15th for Beamtime between January and June on the next year.